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Squaring the Strange

Squaring the Strange brings evidence-based analysis and commentary to a wide variety of topics, ranging from the paranormal to the political.


Investigating ghosts. Debunking conspiracies. Dodging chupacabras.

If a claim seems strange, Ben and Pascual will try to square it with the facts.


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Apr 13, 2018

QUICK NOTE: The online recording software we used for Matt's interview did something wonky to our audio for a moment. Pascual spent the last few hours making it sound better (believe us, it sounded worse) and we think it's good enough for the few short questions that it affects. Thank you for bearing with us on this.

This week, the boys bring Susan Gerbic in to chat about all things skeptical, but most importantly, her organization "Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia", a great group of people whose mission is to improve skeptical content on Wikipedia.

But first, we have a fun conversation about "The Condom Challenge" with friend of the show Matt "The Tube" Crowley. You may know him from the Jim Rose Circus and might have caught him on Lollapalooza in the early 90s (as one of our hosts may or may not have).

Matt Crowley with Jim Rose:

Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia: